3 Tips for Putting Together Your Construction Company’s Employee Manual

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An employee manual should be an invaluable guide for your employees to turn to when they have questions or concerns about certain elements of their employment. But putting together a comprehensive employee manual can be difficult considering that it must meld the needs of your company with state and federal laws. In this brief article, a Houston contractor attorney at Cotney Law will be sharing a few tips on how to put together an employee manual. To ensure that every aspect of your business is lawful, consult with one of our experienced Houston contractor attorneys.  

1. Include What You Need

Not only should your employee manual include the laws that must be adhered to on a jobsite, but it should also account for any and all issues that may occur. This will afford you the greatest protection in the event of an injury or legal dispute. Included in your employee manual should be a drug policy, cell phone policy, and information clarifying worker classification, travel time, and overtime. Worker misclassification can potentially lead to a costly Department of Labor (DOL) hearing. If you can think of additional scenarios that could emerge and require direction, you should include them in your employee manual.

2. Prioritize Ease of Access  

It doesn’t matter how comprehensive your employee manual is if no one reads it. For this reason, your employee manual should be as intelligible as possible. In addition to the rules that employees must follow, employee manuals should include walkthroughs of specific scenarios that your workers may encounter on the jobsite. For example, your employee manual should include clear steps to follow in the event that someone is injured on the jobsite. Be sure to set aside time for your employees to read the manual and come to you with any questions.

3. Hire a Professional

You should absolutely hire an experienced attorney to aid you in putting together your manual. The state and federal laws that you and your workers must adhere to are complex and constantly in flux. You don’t want to face a costly court case or DOL hearing because of an overlooked provision in the employee manual. Partner with the Houston contractor attorneys at Cotney Law and ensure that your employee manual covers everything that you need to run your company efficiently without the looming threat of legal action.

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