Challenge an Unfairly Awarded Bid With a Dallas Bid Protest Attorney

The importance of bidding in the construction industry cannot be understated. It’s where contractors acquire new work, bring revenue to their company, and develop long-standing relationships with project owners. Unfortunately, as of 2019, the average bid-winning percentage for general construction contractors was 17 percent.  This means general contractors are only winning one out of every six bids.

If you believe your company was unfairly passed over in favor of another less experienced and less reputable company, consult a Dallas bid protest attorney with Cotney Law. We can help you successfully navigate the bid process and secure the contract that rightfully should have gone to your company.

How a Dallas Bid Protest Lawyer Can Assist You With a Bid Protest

There are a number of reasons you may decide to protest an awarded bid, including that the bid was awarded to an unresponsive or irresponsible bidder, there were inconsistencies present in the application, or there was favoritism towards a bidder during the decision making process. Regardless of your reasoning for wanting to file a bid protest, it’s best to partner with a Dallas bid protest lawyer who is familiar with the process. Even the smallest mistake in filing your bid protest could result in you forfeiting your chance of an agreeable outcome and tarnishing your company’s reputation.

Prior to filing a bid protest, a lawyer can evaluate the procurement process as well as the awarded decision. We’ll determine whether the bid protest is truly in the best interest of your company and whether or not you would be considered an interested party. This process typically involves weighing the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing action and your likelihood of overturning the bid decision.

Meet the Appropriate Deadlines and Present a Stronger Case

The requirements of filing a bid protest are specific to each state agency, but the deadline for filing is generally fairly short, which is why you’ll need to begin preparing your protest with a Dallas bid protest attorney as soon as possible. For example, agencies such as the Office of the Attorney General, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality require bids to be filed no later than 10 calendar days after the notice of the award. Generally speaking, your bid protest must contain the following:

  • A specific identification of the provision that the action complained of is alleged to have violated
  • A specific description of each action alleged to have violated the provision
  • A precise statement of the relevant facts
  • An identification of the issue(s) to be resolved
  • An argument in support of the protest
  • A statement that copies of the protest have been delivered to all other interested parties

The agency evaluating your bid protest may request additional documents, and an attorney will know how to interact with the agency’s legal counsel throughout this process. The agency may either determine that a violation of the rules has occurred and acknowledge that corrective action is needed or determine that no violation of the rules has occurred. Once again, an experienced Dallas bid protest lawyer will know how to handle either of these situations as they arrive and help you successfully navigate through the process with ease.

If you would like to speak with a Dallas bid protest attorney, please contact us today.

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