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They say the only sure things in life are death and taxes, but if you work in construction, you can add a third item to the list: disputes.

Claims and conflict are an inevitable part of the construction industry, which is why every construction professional should have a Houston construction dispute lawyer.

Houston Construction Dispute Lawyers Can Help You

There are myriad scenarios in which you may need to work with a Houston construction dispute lawyer. For general contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers, these can include licensing matters, contract disputes, payment issues, differing site conditions, and claims involving time, bonds, liens, defects, etc.

For owners or developers, these issues often include design errors or omissions, defective claims, or problems regarding delays, payments, etc.

If you have found yourself in need of legal representation, you are certainly not alone. In fact, the American Arbitration Association has stated that most industry professionals have been involved in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) at least once over the course of their construction careers.


Disputing parties may attempt to sort out the issue through mediation rather than instantly jumping into more aggressive waters. Mediation is a form of ADR and can help save conflicting groups or individuals the time, cost, and stress associated with taking things to court.

Mediation is non-binding and gives parties control over the final outcome. The mediator is not there to make a decision, but to help steer the two parties toward a mutually beneficial outcome.


While arbitration is another form of ADR, it is usually more structured than mediation. It also tends to be more intense and costly; in fact, sometimes a given arbitration can get just as expensive and time-consuming as a litigation. That said, in most instances, it’s more affordable than litigation.

When you solve a case through arbitration, a legally binding decision is handed down by a neutral third party, called an arbitrator.


Sometimes you and your Houston construction dispute lawyer might have to pursue the most aggressive means of conflict resolution. A litigation attorney, also called a “litigator” or “trial lawyer,” will help you move forward in all phases of the litigation process.

While many people assume “litigation” is synonymous with “lawsuit,” the process is actually far more complex. A litigation typically includes an investigation, a pleadings and motions process, a discovery process, a pre-trial phase, the trial, the settlement, and potentially an appeal. Your Cotney trial lawyer will manage all the phases of the litigation while representing you and fighting for your cause.

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