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The construction industry is inevitably one of the most dangerous workplaces out there. Since a job site possesses more threats to safety than a traditional office setting, the construction industry accounts for a full 20 percent of yearly workplace deaths.

The construction world may be riskier by nature, but many of these deaths are still preventable. OSHA works hard to enforce safety regulations, protect workers, and reduce the occurrence of fatalities.

Prevention and Defense

It is ideal to start working with a Houston OSHA attorney before any kind of incident occurs. Not only can you prevent OSHA citations, but you can also prevent injury and loss of life among your workers.

Don’t worry, if it’s too late for preventative measures and you’ve already received an OSHA citation, we can help with that too.

How Houston OSHA Attorneys Serve You

There are countless benefits to having an attorney in your corner. First of all, outsourcing some of your safety tasks allows you spend your hours doing what you do best—while your attorney does what they do best.

When you work with an OSHA attorney, they can:

  • Audit workplace safety, safety training programs, and recordkeeping
  • Counsel you and your team on implementing safety programs and complying with OSHA regulations
  • Represent you during OSHA inspections, investigations, and enforcement actions
  • Defend you against any complaints of retaliation and whistleblowing violations
  • Handle every aspect of an OSHA litigation

The Fatal Four

Most industry professionals are already familiar with the “fatal four,” a grouping comprised of:

  • Falls
  • Struck by object
  • Electrocutions
  • Caught in/between

Even aside from these, there are still innumerable less common risks that can prove dangerous or fatal.

With so many things to take into consideration, it is no wonder that OSHA standards and regulations are so complex. When you have a business to run, navigating these complexities on top of everything else is daunting. Working with our team of experts will keep you ahead of the curve.

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Even if you are facing serious, repeat, or willful violations (including violations linked to a fatality), Cotney is here for you. We have resolved countless OSHA violations on our clients’ behalf.

Our team puts our years of experience and high level of expertise to work for you. When you work with a Cotney OSHA defense attorney, you will experience our tenacity, passion for the construction industry, and loyalty to our clients firsthand.

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