Important Contract Documents for Construction Projects Part 3

In parts one and two of this three-part series, a Houston contractor attorney from Cotney Law discussed several important contract documents for construction projects, including:

  • Construction Contract Agreement
  • Scope of Work
  • Construction Schedule
  • General Conditions
  • Special Conditions
  • Specifications

Now, we will conclude our series by covering four additional documents found in construction contracts. These are the bill of quantities, cost estimates, drawings, and insurance coverage documents. If you have questions about any of these documents or are currently dealing with a breach of contract, consult a Houston contractor attorney.

Bill of Quantities

The bill of quantities operates exactly as its name suggests. It includes an itemized list detailing the quantities of materials, parts, and labor that will be utilized on a project. Without this document, putting together an accurate bid is difficult. You should cross-check this document regularly to ensure that there are no errors or omissions that affect your success on the project.

Cost Estimate

The cost estimate provides an outline of all materials used on the project and their costs. Essentially, it includes the values of any items listed on the bill of quantities. Depending on the format of your cost estimate, it may include a detailed report or a lump sum number that doesn’t specify per-unit values. In some contracts, the cost estimate is located in the specifications section. 


Construction drawings are renderings of the work that will be performed over the course of a project. Basically, it’s the project blueprints, but it could include other graphic representations of the work to be performed, too. Another purpose of this document is to provide a visual element depicting the scope of work.

Insurance Coverage

Your contract should also include information pertaining to your insurance coverage as well as any necessary bonds. This document guarantees that you have the financial support necessary to make good on your promises in the contract. For example, this section will include an outline of your general liability insurance, builder’s risk insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance policy.

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