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As the number of construction sites increase, so does the need for more middle-skills construction workers. That means more construction workers need education beyond high school but don’t need a four-year degree. The Greater Houston Partnership has come up with a helpful tool to get more people involved in the kind learning needed for middle-skills construction jobs.

In this article, a Houston construction attorney gives you an overview of this new program.

What is the UpSkill Houston Program?

The UpSkill Houston program is the joint effort of educators, employers, and organizations in the local community. Apart from construction, health sciences and transportation jobs are also highlighted because they are facing a large skills gap as well.

The program focuses on jobs that need formal education past high school but not a bachelors degree. This may be enticing for people who do not want the often massive debt associated with a four-year college degree.

Program Features

One feature of the program is videos of real people explaining what it’s like to have their job. The “My Life As” video series offers insights from people working in the field as they talk about their jobs and benefits, such as financial security. The videos are not the only resource, there are also worksheets and printouts to help the curious discover more about possible fields of employment on the website.

Help for the Construction Worker Shortage

When asked why construction is more prominent than the other types of employment on the website, Bryant Black from the Greater Houston Partnership said, “In the beginning, we were hearing more and more from our member organizations that they were having trouble attracting those workers, so construction has organically become a big part of UpSkill out of necessity.” A survey by Associated General Contractors in 2018 found that around 78 percent of construction firms in Texas are finding it difficult to recruit workers with the needed skills.

The program partners with K-12 schools, which helps more young people learn about middle-skills construction jobs. This could eventually help the aging construction workforce bolster its numbers with younger workers.

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