Promptly and Effectively Resolve Your Dispute With a Dallas Construction Arbitration Attorney

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, like arbitration and mediation, are a cost-effective, efficient way of resolving disputes promptly and effectively without having to resort to the often lengthy and expensive process of litigation. Arbitration is somewhat of a mini trial in which both parties involved in the dispute present their legal argument before an unbiased third-party known as an arbitrator. During this process, both parties are given the opportunity to share their side of the dispute and present evidence before the arbitrator issues a legally binding decision.

This a great method for disputing parties looking to maintain their professional relationship and resolve their dispute in an efficient, flexible, and private manner; however, in order to ensure the success of your arbitration, you’ll want to partner with a Dallas construction arbitration attorney that is familiar with the complexities of your dispute and has participated in numerous construction arbitration proceedings.

Why You Need a Dallas Construction Arbitration Lawyer By Your Side

Although arbitration may seem like a straightforward process you can handle yourself, a Dallas construction arbitration lawyer can play a crucial role in protecting your rights and ensuring you wind up with a favorable outcome. Unlike mediation, the results of arbitration are final and legally-binding, and appeals from arbitration are only permitted under specific circumstances, such as fraud. That’s why, especially when the disputing party will likely have their legal counsel present as well, you’ll want to have an attorney by your side throughout the process.

Essentially, our goal will be to help you present your case to the arbitrator as best as possible and level the playing field. You’ll have a limited time to collect evidence and develop your case, which is why we’ll get to work as soon as possible in conducting research, compiling relevant documents, interviewing witnesses, and investigating evidence. We’ve represented clients throughout the United States for years, have extensive experience in arbitration, and are prepared to help you present a strong argument to the arbitrator regarding discovery and admissibility of evidence.

Settle Your Dispute Without the Need for Litigation

If you’re looking to settle your dispute without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation, it’s time to partner with a Dallas construction arbitration attorney from Cotney Law. We’ll apply our years of experience handling cases just like yours to the arbitration process to give you a competitive advantage when fighting for your rights. We’ve participated in numerous construction arbitrations throughout the years and are prepared to help you settle your construction dispute efficiently and effectively so you can get back to what matters most.

If you would like to speak with a Dallas construction arbitration lawyer, please contact us today.

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