Why You Should Have an Attorney Review Your Construction Contracts Part 2

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When working on a construction project, you must always perform your due diligence and make certain that every specialized task you perform is to the best of your ability.  The same can be said for the process of agreeing to a construction contract with an owner. At Cotney Law, a knowledgeable attorney can assist you with drafting and reviewing all off your contracts.

In this two-part article, we are discussing why your contracts need to be reviewed by a legal professional. In the first part, we provided you with several common excuses contractors make for not hiring an attorney for contract review. In this part, we will explain a few of the benefits.

Remember, never enter a project without an ironclad contract in place. Contracts give you a legal recourse during a dispute. For example, in order to file a construction lien in Texas, the contractor is required to have direct contractual privity with the owner. If you are interested in filing a lien, consult a Houston construction lien attorney.

Everything in Construction is Always Changing

The motivation to hire a contractor is to build, improve, or remodel a structure. A contractor’s work over the course of a project isn’t the only thing that can change. Successful construction firms can also dramatically change their operations with time. What was once small subcontracting work can become multimillion dollar general contractor work and so on and so forth. With these changes to your business and scope of work, contracts with other entities need to also change, as do the rules and restrictions of taking on these projects. A construction attorney has the knowledge and experience to align these changes with the provisions in your contract.

Mitigate Liability

When you sign a contract as a subcontractor, can you confidently say that you know who bears the legal responsibility for delays and other common construction disputes? Even if you are not actually at fault, the conditions of the contract may result in you being legally responsible. Although your next contract may not expose you to risk, it never hurts to have a construction lawyer review the document to make certain that you’re not vulnerable. When an experienced attorney reviews your contract, they can help you decide how much risk you are willing to assume. This can also help prevent future litigation. However, if litigation does arise, a well written contract can be one of your most effective weapons in court.

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